18 April 2007

Garden Party

After a great day in our community garden on Sunday, I was fully inspired to get back to reading You Grow Girl, my first gardening bible. I should really be figuring out exactly what I'm going to actually plant, but it's just so tempting to hang out with my sewing machine! No, no, I am thinking about what I'm going to plant- so far I'm thinking: tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, squash, spinach and other greens, carrots, herbs...

Anyways, being the hip, crafty book that it is, there was this simple pattern for "not your grandma's gardening apron."

Of course I made one.

Then I made another one.

And yet another one.

They're so adorable and easy, I just kept thinking of more gardening friends that I need to make one for (I won't say who, on the off chance that any of them actually read this!). Once I'm done with all the presents, I'll be posting some on my etsy shop and probably putting some for sale at i like you in Minneapolis, so stay tuned.


  1. They are fabulous indeed and should go quick in your shop. I made one a couple of weeks ago that I'm using to keep my money in at my craft booth.