24 July 2007

Flowers for you

It's been quite a while since I made some cards. I went a little nuts over the holidays and have pretty much been riding on the leftovers since then (kinda shows that I'm not selling too much!). I realized recently that I'm actually running out of cards. And I think I'm finally over the card madness that took place here last winter. I've been thinking up some new designs for quite a while now, and I finally sat down this weekend and started putting those ideas onto paper (literally).

I'm really excited about these new designs, and I'm still working on more. On Sunday I had my first-ever "meetup" with a fellow etsy seller- Krista from paperedtogether. I was super excited to learn that she lives just blocks from me. We got together and chatted about all kinds of stuff, including different shows in the area. It's great to have someone local to share resources and other ideas with. And I came home totally inspired to get to work.

I'm posting these cards in the shop today and tomorrow, so check in there for more details.


  1. Julia, those are adorable! I especially like the navy ones. I think I had a dress in a print like that as a child.