07 August 2007

New Look

If you're reading this (unless you're on google reader or bloglines)- you've noticed a bit of a new look around here. It's been about six months since I started this little blog, and I decided it was ready for some change.

I finally conquered my fear of photoshop (sort of) and put together this banner (with a photo of- what else? a zucchini!). I will be changing the photo up there seasonally, or just whenever I feel like it, just to keep you on your toes. {Next up- a new banner for the etsy shop} I've also added a couple of additional features on the sidebar here. The first is the "what's on my nightstand" section. Here I will have a list of books that I'm reading (or that are just looking pretty on the nightstand waiting to be read). Unfortunately blogger doesn't have that cool feature that typepad has where I can have a picture of the book's cover- but I do have a link to a lovely independent bookstore where you can check these books out.

I've also added (way at the bottom of the sidebar) a little viewcounter. This is purely for myself, because I sometimes begin to think that it's only my mom out there reading (hi mom!). But alas, you lurkers-you've been discovered! I know you're out there (thanks for reading!).

I'm also working on figuring out if there's a way to add a list of recipes that I've posted, but I'm still not sure how to do this. I've seen a couple of typepad people with this, but never on blogger (hmmm-darn me for not doing my blog research before I jumped into this)- any suggestions from out there??

So there it is, a few little upgrades here and there. And they'll keep on coming. This whole thing is, in itself, a work in progress. So thanks for reading- because without you well, what's the point?

{ps: sorry for the photo-less post. more tomorrow!}


  1. Love the new banner... what a great photo. Also to add your recipes just do a link list feature and link to the posts that have the recipe. You can even title the link as "zucchini bread" or whatever.

    mmmm hope that helps... I'm not always clear in my wordings.

  2. Love the new look. Its fun to try new technology and make something so pretty :)

  3. Thanks for the encouragement ladies!

    Jenna-thanks for the tip, that's a great idea, i didn't even think of that.