28 September 2007

Just So Good.

Yup, my birthday's coming up. Monday to be exact. I generally don't make a big deal about birthdays (well, my own at least). I always feel awkward telling people that it's my birthday, I never want anyone to feel like they were supposed to know or supposed to get me something. But I do love how birthdays (like any holiday really) are such a great excuse to reconnect with people who may have drifted a little too far away.

And of course, I just love the handmade presents.

This lovely and oh so yummy blackberry jam arrived on Wednesday from my old roommate and dear friend Leah. She made it while visiting her boyfriend's family (sounds like an intergenerational jam-making session) in Washington state.

Look how perfect it is on my oatmilk bread. Yum Yum. Thanks Leah!


  1. That jam looks yummy- perfect for my breakfast tea (yeah, it's noon, but it's Saturday). Happy birthday in advance!

  2. Happiest of Birthdays to you! Hope you're having the best yet :)