04 September 2007

new projects and happy birthday mom.

Well, I talked a little while ago about having lots of new ideas for new projects. I thought I'd finally give you all a little sneak peek. I've been waiting to post these since they were my mom's birthday present (which was yesterday) and I didn't want to give it all away to her, since I know she's my most avid blog reader (love you mom!).

I think I've found a new favorite fabric designer--Etsuko Furuya. Yeah I know I'm like the last one out here in crafty blogland to jump on the Japanese craft train, but I've finally fallen into it, and I don't know if I'll make it out in one piece. I just picked up a couple of yards of some other patterns from this line over at Crafty Planet last week, and I almost don't want to cut it up, I just want to look at it, it's so beautiful!

Ok, yeah so back to my mom's birthday present. She'd been bugging me for a bag for a little while, so I whipped this one up. It'll most likely be used as a knitting bag (in NYC, all purses must have zipper closures to avoid subway snatchers) so I made a little matching zippy pouch that can hold some little knitting essentials. I followed the zippy pouch tutorial over at twelve22. It's really great and super easy! Yeah, and I actually followed the directions this time- that always helps.

So there it is. Happy Birthday mom, I hope you enjoy the bag set and use it always in good health.

**If any of you are in the Twin Cities, come check out the A Stitch in Time Saves fundraiser this Thursday from 6pm-10pm at Grumpy's Downtown (1111 Washington Ave S., Mpls). It's a crafty sale to benefit the victims of the 35W bridge collapse.


  1. Well gosh you've got one lucky mom. That is a terrific bag and matching coin purse.

  2. Happy birthday to your mom, she got some great presents! And...it took me until NOW to realize that you can go to the crafty planet STORE. I'm so so so jealous (yeah, I thought about being sew jealous but couldn't bring myself to say that), and please tell us about it!!!!

  3. Oh yeah- I am a late comer to the Japanese bandwagon too, but it's pretty cool.

  4. and I got to see the beautiful bag in person yesterday! your Mom really loves it, in case you didn't know ...