04 October 2007

Look what I did! or Fashion Thursday

So Klay started this thing called Fashion Thursday. Just a fun little way for some bloggers to show off any fashionable outfits or clothing. I realize as I'm getting a little older (this has nothing to do with the recent birthday) and as I'm sewing more and spending more time around beautiful fabrics, that I'm beginning to pay a little more attention to my clothing. I guess I'm just tired of looking shlumpy like I did for so many years back in school.

Anyways, I mentioned that I had visited the Built By Wendy store when I was in New York and picked up a couple of patterns. I had also been working on a "basic shirt" from the Sew U book, but that project is on hiatus since it came out huge and I'm trying to figure out a way to make it smaller and still fit right. Anyways, I tackled this one first, since I've seen it all over blogland and flickrland in the past few months. As soon as I started working on it, I realized that I had no elastic (I was planning on just making the top). So I used the neck and sleeves from the dress pattern and the body from the shirt pattern.

I think it came out pretty darn good. I had to finagle the back of the neck a bit since, with this neckline, there's supposed to be a zipper. I just added a couple of vintage buttons (I definitely need to work on my buttonhole skills). I'm so proud of myself! And certainly can't wait to make many more of these.

PS: Thanks so much for all the sweet birthday wishes! I had a great day and it's so touching to hear from all of you out there in blogland.


  1. LOL Yes, I need to work on my button hole technique too! My goodness that looks pretty. I've always been too terrified to sew actual clothes (gasp) from a pattern (gasp) to actually wear (gasp)!! You did great :)

  2. I think your shirt is really great.
    I have that sew u book - I've only made the skirt so far. I also have that fabric :) Great minds...
    Anyway, very well done and fashionable. Thanks for joining in on fashion Thursday!

  3. Julia-will you be selling clothing in the future? I'd definitely be interested in handmade blouses!
    love Emily