31 October 2007

Thinking about Gifting

Just wanted to give you all a peek at what I posted up over at the shop just now:

New fall coasters! Perfect for host/hostess gifts, too. I think I'll definitely be making a bunch of these to give as gifts for all the upcoming holiday entertaining I'll be attending (yeah, I don't think we'll be doing any entertaining here this year).

I am definitely starting to think about the holidays (as I sit here answering the doorbell to adorable little trick or treaters- it is a bit early for holiday presents, I think). Jared's family agreed (finally, to his great relief) to not do presents this year, except for the kids. So I don't really have to worry about that, although I'm not sure I'll be able to resist making something small for all of them. But of course, there's still my family, and all the friendlies. So we'll see. But anyways, hop on over to the shop and check these out!

Speaking of the holidays...have you taken the pledge yet?


  1. I too have begun that mental list of holiday gifts. Your shop is beautiful, especially the embroidery!