19 December 2007

Holiday Cooking, part 2 {or- c is for cookie}

...and cookie is for me. Actually, cookie is not for me. Cookie is for gifts. Yeah, to top off all the gifty madness around here lately, I'm in the cookie phase. Next year (there will soon be a long list of "next year"s), I'm definitely going to bake and freeze the cookies weeks ahead of time.

The list of cookies for 2007 holiday gift-giving is: (1)orange cranberry drops, (2)chocoloate-chocolate chip cookies spiked with some creme de menthe, (3)sesame biscotti, (4)almond horns, and (5)lavender shortbread. Seriously- I've made that many cookies (and all vegan too)! I've got the last batch going in the oven in t-minus 17 minutes, and I can't wait. And then (and then) I'll only have four super quick and easy gifts left! And everything that needs to be mailed will be mailed. Hear the sigh of relief.

I'm not sure how I feel about posting all of the recipes for all of these cookies here right now because (1) I'm tired, and (2) that would make for a really long post, which most of you probably aren't up for at the moment, because you're all probably tired too. So, enjoy these photos (darkness, again) and if you want the recipes for any of these- leave a comment and I will be sure to share them here soon. I assure you they are all delicious!


  1. Yummy! I would love to see the recipe for the lavender shortbread :)