04 January 2008

hello 2008

Ahh. It has been a nice break. I had planned on getting back to the blog a bit sooner, but I was just so enjoying the break from the computer. Jared and I had a really nice time in Florida with his family and then after a quiet New Year's Eve back in Minneapolis, we had a quick trip to visit an old friend of mine over in Madison, WI. I'm very happy to be back home and to have a few more days of rest and recuperation (my apartment is still a bit of a wreck from the holiday gift-making extravaganza that was December) before going back to work next week.

In the spirit of the new year, I have made some resolutions for the coming 12 months and I figured I'd share them with you all. You might notice that these resolutions aren't your typical (or what I think seems to be the typical) ones of chores like lose weight or save more money. Not that there's anything wrong with anyone else's resolutions-to each his own. But I've been thinking a lot about this past year lately and I've weeded out the things about the year that I really enjoyed and the things that I wish I'd done more of and that I look forward to doing more of this next year.

::Slow down. Aka be less busy, aka get better at planning ahead. I certainly don't regret any of the things that I got involved in over the last year, but it has been quite action packed, and I'm looking forward to slowing down a bit this year and taking some more time to enjoy and savor the "little" things.

::Cook more. Maybe from the recipes that I share here you all think that I'm a regular everynight cook. But that is far from the case- especially during the aforementioned busy times (see above). There have been plenty of (meaning too many) popcorn for dinner nights around here, and I can't even count the number of beans and chips for dinner nights. Hopefully this beauty that I picked up today will help. In an effort to meet this resolution and also be realistic, I'm making a goal of cooking two proper meals each week (this will actually create more meals because of leftovers, etc...)

::Send more mail. I had so much fun mailing off all of my holiday presents this past month and I think I've been doing a pretty good job of writing more letters, but I'd like to continue this trend even more this year.

::Continue to work on all my crafting with an emphasis on continuing to learn more all the time. Last year I learned a lot--how to follow a sewing pattern, how to insert a zipper, embroider, make clothes that actually fit, how to quilt something, make a softie, I figured out what interfacing is and why it's important, how to put on a snap, and much more. My photography has also improved immensely and I know that's because of this blog and my reading of other beautiful craft blogs and flickr pages. I hope to take even more photos this year and improve the quality.

::Nesting-it's been over a year since we moved into our apartment and there are still photos and other art waiting to be hung on the walls. I spend so much time at home and I would love to continue to really make our house a home. Even though we foresee moving before the end of this year, I'd still like to work on making our home more home-y.

Phew. Okay, that's a lot to work on. I've already got the post-holiday projects list going and I should have some new craftiness for your viewing soon. Hope you all had happy, healthy and safe holidays and are as ready for 2008 as I am. Have a great weekend and we'll be back to regular posting next week.


  1. Love you list. And it sounds like all the things in your sewing category you learned last year are things I want to try to learn this year :)

  2. What a great list! Many are things I'm trying to institute this year as well. Thanks for the shortbread recipe post--- I have some vegan recipes on my blog you should check out!