10 January 2008

more lists

Back in December (man that feels like a really long time ago) I kept mentioning my "post-holiday projects list." This list has now been mostly combined with the "continue crafting" resolution I made for the new year. Here's a glimpse at some of the projects/crafty goals I have for the upcoming year.

::make a quilt
::make something from a japanese craft book
::sew clothes for someone other than myself
::make myself a dress to wear to my friend's wedding at the end of August
::carve my own stamps and print on fabric
::use recycled sweaters (felted wool)
::make fabric bags for bulk food shopping (i.e. stop using so many dang plastic bags)
::make a duvet cover, tv cover, and chair cushions, among other small projects for my house.
::knit at least one sweater

Okay, I think that's pretty good for one year. We'll see how far I get on these. What's on your list?

{PS: thanks mom for sneaking this stack of great fabrics from Purl into the box you just sent me!}


  1. Stumbled across your page in the blog-o-sphere. Good luck on your fabric bags, you just might have inspired me to get crafty. =o)

  2. Such a great list, Julia! You've inspired me to post my own (and make it more concrete). Hope you don't mind!

  3. My list is a whole lot shorter. One thing I'm really hoping to do is make the dress I'll be married in- and that means getting in practice sewing!

    I also have a sweater on my list. Can't wait to hear about yours! I'm hoping to do that after finishing up the socks.

  4. Love your list. It sounds quite varied and fun. I'm going to work on more machine sewing projects. I'm determined to get better at using that thing!

  5. goodness, are those knit fabrics from purl? I have been looking for knits in fun colors and patterns at a fairly decent price but haven't had any luck. Love the fabric!

  6. thanks all!

    christy-glad you found me, keep me posted on any new craft projects you come up with!

    angela-i loved your list!

    sarah- those two sound like great projects! (and congrats, i didn't know you were getting married this year!)

    felicia- can't wait to see what you come up with on your machine. love what you're doing already.

    melissa- they aren't knits, just regular cotton.