27 January 2008

Mushy Mushy

Normally, I am not that into Valentine's Day. I've always had a sort-of angsty anti-valentine's day feeling. Something along the lines of "who does Hallmark think they are that they get to tell us when to tell people we love them? Why can't we just say that everyday?" or something like that. Now, I still feel that way, but for some reason I was feeling a bit mushy last week and designed a set of Valentine's Day cards.

Since Jared's been traveling so much this month, it almost feels like back when we were first dating and we didn't see each other every day. Not that I don't love seeing him all the time, because I do, really. But there's always something sweet about those first few months of dating. Before you really fall into a routine. And when seeing each other each time is really special because it doesn't happen every day. Maybe this is why I'm feeling all romantic and mushy. Oh well. Here's a little peek at some of the cards that are available in the shop now...

{For you local folks, these are also available at i like you and Crafty Planet}


  1. I'm nutty, every time I look at those cards I see mustaches and think "that's really quirky, kind of cool..." and then I see the birds. I would totally fail an ink blot test.

  2. thanks felicia!

    sarah- that's hilarious. i actually laughed out loud when i read that. never thought of it that way, but i guess they do sort of look like handlebar mustaches. hehe