28 February 2008

the beauty that is flickr

1. putting it together, 2. leaf outline, 3. color wheel, 4. soap, untrimmed, 5. Untitled, 6. snail trail 2, 7. evergreen, 8. foggy morning, 9. still life project ::4::

Ahh flickr. It's a tough call sometimes as to what is more of a timesuck (or clock gobbler, as Claire would say): flickr, or google reader. I have talked many times about how many amazing people I've connected with through blogging, and flickr is definitely the same. There is so much beauty and inspiration to be found there, sometimes I can hardly believe what I'm looking at.

I'm feeling short on words, and photos, today (and no, this is not-entirely, at least-because I still have not finished the project I was hoping to share with you this week). So I'll just share some of my recent favorites. This collection feels like the transition from winter to spring. Still grey, but color is apparent. And there is hope for more. Did I tell you that they've put out the seed rack out at my coop?! In my opinion, it's a little premature (as I sit here and watch the snow falling), but it gives us all hope. It's like they knew we needed help to get into March.

And, don't think I forgot about my giveaway winners...First of all, thank you all so much for commenting! It was so wonderful to hear from so many new and old readers. You really know how to make a girl's day. So...the winners are: Emily, Melissa, and Kloth & Bolt. Ladies, please email me with your addresses (juliaedavidson[at]gmail[dot]com). Like I said, I'm not entirely sure what you'll be getting, but it will be good. And it will be soon.


  1. oh my! i never win contests. this is exciting, julia! thank you.

  2. Mmm, yes, timegobbler, but ohsogood, and yes, there is a hint of color lately!