14 February 2008

For you all.

I think today I'll skip the philosophical analysis of Valentine's Day and whether or not I agree with the premise of this Hallmark holiday (why can't we tell people we love them everyday?, wait, I said I was skipping this...) and just get to the point. Take today to find someone you love. Friend, family member, lover, whoever. And tell them you love them. It's okay if you don't do it today. But do it soon. I know I don't do it enough. I want to tell you all how much I appreciate you coming to visit me here. The fact that you take the time to read my ramblings and comment on my creations, makes my day everytime. I once had to fill out an application for something that asked me to write the meaning of life in three words. I wrote "love each other." And I still stand by that. So here's a little shout out to all those that I love...

Dear lovely people in my life (not going to name everyone here on my blog),

I love you and am so lucky to have you all in my life. Happy Valentine's Day.

Love, Julia