17 March 2008

goodbye is too good a word babe, so i'll just say fare thee well*

1. blue, 2. another $6 gocco print, 3. pinkest, 4. warm in here, 5. in honor of leap day, 6. Watching Grass Grow, 7. away, 8. day dreaming, 9. paper flower bouquet

Alas, my friends, this two day week has already gotten away from me. I was hoping to share a few more things here before I took off tomorrow for a brief, but much needed vacation. But, as I had suspected, my eleven hour day at work has really taken it out of me, and I must finish packing and getting mentally prepared to get the heck outta here for the next six days.

So I leave you with a few of my recent favorite images from flickr. I thought it would be nice to give you something pretty to look at while I'm away. And I'm hoping that Minneapolis will look a little bit more like these spring-y images when I get back here on Monday morning! I may pop in here or, more likely, here over the week to say hello, but I'm thinking it might just be best to unplug for a few days. So fare thee well my friends. I'll be back next week!

*from one of my all time favorite songs, and definitely my favorite dylan song.


  1. oh have fun!! And bring a little sunshine back for me ok!

  2. have a wonderful holiday! at the same time, Happy Easter! Fröhe Ostern!