03 March 2008


Rabbit. Rabbit. Rabbit. I know I'm a couple of days late, but we made it my friends! Happy March. Unfortunately, we've got a windchill of -8 right now, but let's not talk about it.

In order to welcome spring (ahem) Emily is hosting a green week this week. I'll be participating sporadically, especially since there's not really any (natural at least) green outside these days. Despite the cold, the sun is streaming through the windows right now, so here's my contribution for today: some sunny green around my home.

I love my plants. When I lived in Berkeley, my roommate and I had so many plants, there was hardly room for furniture in the living room and I had a friend who called our apartment the botanical gardens. What could we do? We had huge sunny windows and plants love northern California! I only brought six plants with me on the drive to MN, but I'm told that the rest are all still doing well back in CA. Many of my plants (especially the ones I've had for a long time) have names, too. I'll introduce you. From the top we have: Alfred, Delilah Jr., and Sir Hiss. The bottom one, sadly, does not yet have a name? Any suggestions? I acquired it (along with many others in our apartment right now) from our old neighbors who were moving to Portland, and couldn't take their plants along for the cross country trip.

Also, I did finish my project last week, as well as another one. I'll be back tomorrow to show them both off.

I still have not heard from Melissa or Kloth & Bolt, two of the winners of my giveaway. Please send me an email with your address, and if I do not hear from you by the end of this week, I will choose two new winners.


  1. that's an awful lot of green you've got going on inside there! (glad you're playing.)

  2. Mmm, I love that green. Succulents are wonderful, especially in the cold of winter! Of course, at our house, most plants get destroyed by the cats or dogs, so we have to be very careful about our choices.

    Email me your address to acertainslantoflight at hotmail dot com and I'll send you some of my photo postcards! :)

  3. hi! you have an awesome blog. the second pic of your plants looks cool. what is that? pardon my ignorance.

  4. thanks all!
    emily: what a great idea for green week! just wish there was more green outdoors this week!

    molly: i know, i worry about what will happen to the plants when we get a dog. thanks for the postcards!

    rita: as far as i know, the second plant is called a "donkey's tail" i'm not sure what the real name is.

  5. Pretty plants! I wish I could keep one alive!

  6. like that donkey's tail - they look so much like little green grapes!

  7. i emailed you, love the first plant!