13 April 2008

Scenes from the weekend

Wow, was this a busy weekend or what?! After so many weekends of Jared being out of town, and me being a little more of a homebody than maybe I should be (I am getting better though), this was a very action packed few days. Friday, we had a very fun birthday celebration for a friend.

Saturday, a friend (the birthday girl, in fact) and I hit up the annual Textile Center Garage Sale. I didn't take any photos at the event (you can see last year's here), but this is just some of what I scored...

...and all for under $20. That's what I call a serious deal. This morning we had a delicious breakfast at the ever satisfying Seward Cafe with some friends, followed by a quick stop at the first rummage sale of the season. The rest of the afternoon and evening were spent baking bread, planting some more seeds, and finishing up a few sewing projects.

It was a nice weekend indeed. I'm headed to New York on Thursday to spend Passover with my family, about which I am extremely excited. Passover is absolutely my favorite holiday, and it's so nice to spend it with the ones you love, or most of them at least (Jared can't make it). So things will continue to be crazy around here for a little bit as I get ready for the trip. I'll definitely be popping back in here before I go, and maybe even while I'm there. As always, you can keep up with me here as well.

Side note: as I was finding last year's post about the Textile Center sale, I noticed that it was entitled "busy busy weekend", I guess it's just that time of year when things start picking up again. It's such a great feeling to start noticing that I'm doing things for the second year in a row and starting to really feel like this is my home here. Yes. That feels right I think.


  1. wow - i was just thinking that tag sale season is right around the corner - fun!

    have a wonderful passover and enjoy your trip to new york. it definitely felt like spring when we were there.

  2. where's the annual textile sale? It must be in Mpls where I rarely go but I'm starting to make a point of going more often.

  3. homebody? why? life is too short, girl. have fun! live life!