17 August 2008

a story of forgetting. oh, and a shirt.

A couple of months ago, Linda made this beautiful shirt. I decided I had to make it, it's Simplicity 4589. Then, Melissa and Beki chimed in with their versions. That sealed the deal. I ordered the pattern (along with a bunch of others, which I will hopefully have time to tackle soon enough). I had recently found a couple of yards of this awesome madras at the thrift shop and knew it would be a perfect match. I made a pile.

I later realized that about a year and half ago, I had bookmarked this shirt of Amanda's (I named the bookmark "shirt I want to make"). And then this one ("another shirt I want to make"). I never put together that they were the same pattern. Furthermore, I never realized that the three shirts that I saw recently (Linda's, Melissa's, and Beki's) were the same as Amanda's shirt. Um, yeah, am I paying attention here?

Anyways, I got to the shirt a couple weekends ago (I know, it took me two whole weeks to show it to you!) during a rare burst of productivity in between Alias episodes (have we discussed my renewed addiction here? Jared bought me the box set of all five seasons, 'nuff said). It was super easy and only took about two and a half hours. Perfect. The instructions were clear, nothing tricky. I love it. I used the thrifted madras plaid, which I seriously love, and yellow bias binding for the armholes. Even thought it's kind of an odd place for yellow, ahem, I kind of like that little detail. My only complaint is that the armholes are a little too big for me (something that Melissa did mention, wait, what did we say about me paying attention?), so next time, I'll have to do something about that. And yeah, I'm pretty sure there will be a next time on this one, maybe one of the other versions. I also think it would look supercute with a nice long-sleeved shirt underneath. But wait, no, it's not time for that just yet.

(also, yes, if my photos weren't enough, i did just link you to five other versions of this shirt!)


  1. Oh, I love this shirt. I, too, bookmarked the pattern and then bought it. It's sitting in the basement waiting to be made-but I'm a bit nervous since my last two shirt making experiences have only been asi asi and nothing is wearable yet.

  2. Cute, cute! I love this pattern!

  3. this looks darling on you. nice work!

  4. I love this shirt and the fabric. I may just have to book mark it and make it myself some day.

  5. it looks great! I keep meaning to try the square collar/sleeveless version but it's been a while since I wore anything sleeveless. Anyway, I love how it turned out with the plaid.

  6. you look great! you did a beautiful job and that madras is so perfect. xo