02 September 2008

something old, something new.

Isn't that what they always say for weddings? I think so. Well, I certainly had a little bit of both these past few days. This weekend was a.maz.ing. I'm not even really sure how to begin to recap it, except to say that it was exactly what I needed. Every moment of it. I'm going to start at the very end of the weekend and work backwards for you. The part that directly proceeded my carry-on bag being chock full of polaroid film.

I know that I've talked before about how much I've come to love blogging and flickring primarily because of the awesome people I've met through the internet. Well, this weekend, I had my very first flickr meetup. In Portland, Oregon. After spending four solid days with some of my closest friends, it was incredible to meet perfect strangers (well, sort of) and feel just as comfortable around them as I had around my college friends (some of whom I had even lived with at various points).

We chatted, whipped out our cameras, gushed over polaroids, drank coffee (and chai), rolled our eyes at the dude next to us who totally wanted to join our little party, and just got to know each other. At least for the hour we had before I needed to race off to the airport. It was a perfect way to end a perfect weekend. Thanks ladies!


  1. how fun julia! isn't great to meet blog/flickr friends in person?

  2. so jealous!! I wish I'd known you were here. :)

  3. your trip sounds like so much fun! all the goodness of the old friends and the amazing flickr meetup. next time you are gonna have to come to NY :)