26 October 2008

a little hope (or maybe a big one)

I've pretty much abstained from talking politics here, but after spending an afternoon door-knocking for Obama and making sure people know where and how to vote, I feel that I have to share a little bit of that here. I'm working on managing my serious anxiety that things will not turn out the way they might be looking right now (and they are looking good). Or that something terrible might happen even if the election does go the way I want it to. Visions like this one make me so hopeful. But I'm so saddened (and frankly nauseated) by all of the hate and divisions that have arisen throughout these past months (there are some ugly youtube videos if you're really interested to hear what some people are saying about Obama and the Democrats; I'd rather not share them here). We think racism is gone in this country, but it is not. No matter how this election turns out, we know that our work is nowhere near complete.

Now get out there and vote! (If you live in the U.S.) And make sure that everyone you know is going to vote. Make sure you know the election laws in your state. Many states (like Minnesota) allow same day voter registration, so don't stay home because you think you're ineligible. There are lots of groups offering rides to polls, childcare, or anything you need to get yourself to the polls on November 4. Because we cannot afford to be silent, everyone's voice deserves to be heard. Especially yours.


  1. hallelujah to all of this, julia. i am so ready for a change in this country, and one of the things i am most hopeful for is a new era in the way we think about and talk about race. this election has stirred up so much that i think a lot of people have repressed, and i think the one thing good that can come out of that ugliness is a realization of what we are dealing with and where we need to go next.
    i am off to door-knock today in FL :)