10 November 2008

new friends

are lots of fun. Especially when they're equally as nerdy about cameras and cupcakes and shelves upon shelves of doorknobs and light fixtures. Saturday afternoon I had the incredible pleasure of meeting up with four very lovely ladies.

We had some cupcakes (after we spent quite a while photographing the cupcakes) and warm beverages, which were much needed on the cold afternoon that it was, and chatted for a while.

Then we headed next door to the architectural salvage store and spent quite a while taking photos of all sorts of things that I always think would be good buys (but seriously, what would I do with a wall full of doorknobs? coat hooks?).

It was super fun, and I was once again reminded of how awesome it is to have found all these people that I have so much in common with through the beauty of flickr, and the internet in general. And how wonderful it is when some of those people just happen to be my neighbors.

I took most of my shots in film, so I'll be sharing some more of these when they come back later this week. I've finally decided to switch my film developing from the obnoxious, but faster place, to the slower, but nicer and WAY more knowledgeable (not to mention locally-owned) place. So some of my film may be coming back a little slower. Not to worry, I still haven't shown you most of my desert photos! Or my first roll of cross processed film! Yes, people, I have lots to share. And I think my blogging mojo is coming back. For real this time.


  1. I am so happy you had a good time. everyone looks so sweet! your photographs turned out so nice, too. xo

  2. It was so much fun! And I'm glad we finally got a chance to meet. It's so silly -Mpls. isn't that big....
    I'm looking forward to next time.

  3. It was so nice meeting you and I enjoyed myself immensely too! So funny how something so huge like flickr can help you find friends in your own back yard.

    Also - I think a wall of doorknob coat hooks would be great!

  4. Dangit! :) I'm sorry that I missed it, even though it was for my birthday party, so it's a good excuse.

    I look forward to catching the next meet up. xo