08 December 2008

I'll just sit on this couch right here, thank you very much

Today I am, what most people would refer to as, ridiculously exhausted. After three straight days of craft fairs, with the third day actually being split between the craft fair and a work event that I was basically in charge of (oh yeah, I do actually have a day job!), I managed to take a personal day today. And it was so nice. Sadly, I didn't spend nearly as much time sitting on my couch as I had planned to. But of course, it's only 6:30 so I still have plenty of time for couch-sitting tonight.

Despite the utter exhaustion, I did have a wonderful time at both shows this weekend. And, lucky for all of you, I still have a bunch of stuff for the shop! And the holiday shop is now officially open, so click on over there and check it out.

Since I don't live under a rock, I know that times are tight out there. So, I'm offering a couple of different promotions that will stay in effect until the end of this year. The first is a special one, just for you all. If you enter the code "minecreations blog" in the notes to seller, you will receive 20% off your entire purchase. You all have been so supportive of me this past year (and longer) and I wanted say thank you. Also, I am offering free shipping for any order over $20 and any 5 cards are $18 (you save $2). For any of these promotions (or all of them, as they can be used together), you can either wait for a revised invoice before you pay, or I will refund your savings through paypal.

Here's a little preview of what's up in the shop now. We've got some cards that would be just right for all of your holiday notes, some coaster sets that would be the perfect host gift for holiday parties, snappy and zippy pouches, and one--that's right, just one--fleece-lined patchwork scarf. I had so much fun making these scarves earlier in the fall that I wanted to make more, but I just knew that the lightweight wool suiting I had used in October wasn't going to cut it for this Minnesota winter. I found this amazingly soft and warm fleece that worked perfectly to back these scarves with. I sold a bunch over the weekend, but I'm glad that I have one left to offer in the shop.

So head on over there and see if you find something you like. Also, I did not list everything that I have right now, so if you're looking for something specific or have a question about anything, just shoot me an email or a conversation through etsy. Thanks!


  1. I am so feeling you on the post-show-exhaustion! My last one was not so great and I am relieved to be done for the season. Glad you got a personal day :)

  2. Oh my lordy!
    You were a busy, busy girl!
    Hope you got some rest. Isn't funny how post craft show is like coming off a bender?
    Anyway, hope you are feeling good today-and I am so happy-just ordered some great coasters!

  3. I've come back to tag you!

    The rules are below. Have fun, my dear!

  4. wow Julia -everything looks great. I'm glad the shows went well for you. I know how exhausting they can be.
    So I'm thinking about the scarf for my niece but I have to check w/ her mom first -teenagers can be so picky.
    If it's gone and she likes it, can I order another? or are you totally burned out? :)