26 January 2009

the days are just packed

Well hi there everyone. Didn't mean to just disappear like that (um, again). Apparently I've forgotten how busy the beginning of a new year can be. Last week, I had something to do after work every single day. I think I should add "be less busy" to my list of resolutions for this year (wait, didn't I resolve that last year?). Seriously, that is something I'm working on for this year, though. So any suggestions you all have on that would be much appreciated.

This weekend was no different. Friday was my work holiday party (a little late, I know) then meeting some friends for drinks and bluegrass music. On Saturday, Jared and I took Freddie to the dog park, popped into a sweet thrift shop and then hit up the roller derby for our friend's birthday. Can I just say, I love the roller derby! If you have one near you, I would highly recommend checking it out. Super fun. It was also super fun to learn that my dad is apparently a huuuge roller derby fan, something I have never heard him even mention. I'll have to take him the next time th
ey come to visit. I also baked this cake for the birthday girl (I realized that I hadn't baked it since her birthday last year, there must be something about the cold of January and craving a pound cake). It was just as delicious as I remember it, and it didn't sink this time!

Yesterday, I went to a huge fabric sale with a friend and came home with about 15 yards of fabric for about $12. I'm really excited to make some clothes again, it's been quite a while. I have a couple of patterns picked out, but I think I need to finish this sweater first (I'll show you some progress later this week) because I don't know if I can work on anything else until that's done. Also, I signed up for a sewing class in March. I'm super excited, but also a little nervous. I've never taken a sewing class and this one is focused on creating a pattern from an existing garment. It's the closest thing they have to pattern-drafting, which is what I really want to learn. Now I just have to decide which garment I want to copy...I'm thinking of a dress, but not sure which one. I'll have to spend some time in my closet.

Phew. I'm feeling a little bit scatterbrained, can you tell? I'm hoping to get a few little Valentine's Day cards into the shop by the end of this week (maybe even tomorrow), so I'll be sure to let you know about those. In the meantime, have you seen these sweet cards from hello handmade paperie? I love them! Be well, friends!

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