16 February 2009

a manifesto...of sorts

So now that it's already mid-February, I suppose it's about time to post my crafty goals for this year. I always have new projects and crafts that I want to try, but this year I'm really going to do my best to stick with this list, and get to as many things on this list as I can. So here goes...

::finish at least one sweater (preferably two)
::make a quilt
::sew a pair of pants
::knit socks (a whole pair)
::carve rubber stamps and print onto fabric (these are incredibly inspiring)
::design a sewing pattern, and make it!

::sew a garment with knits (this will probably entail purchasing this book)
::actually make some of the home projects that I've been talking about for a year (um, how hard is it to make a freaking pair of potholders?!)
::something from the Alabama Stitch Book, which I finally bought last month (I'd love to do the skirt, but I'll settle for a scarf for now)

okay okay, I know this seems like an awful lot, but I think I can do it. I really do. Some of these things are already in progress. Like the sweater, which is practically done already so I kind of feel like it's cheating to put that as a goal, but you always need something on your list that can be crossed off soon, right? And the quilt, I have one in progress (well, it's a collaborative quilt, and that's just about all I can say about it now). Though I do plan on making another one for my the wedding of one of my best friends that's in July. So, um, I suppose I should get started on that, huh? I have a lot of other little projects on my to do list, but here I'm focusing mostly on larger things that require learning new skills or expanding my horizons in some way. What do you want to learn to do this year?


  1. You're right, those stamps are inspiring! My Dad gave me Lena Corwin's book on printmaking AND Lotte Jansdotter's, so I definitely want to do some fabric printing.

    I love that you did this list. I've been in a creative rut and life has been very hectic, but spring break is soon. I want to start making things again :)

  2. That sounds like a great project list! I'm still trying to decide if I want to "publish" one or not... Definitely I'm hoping to do more good sewing (instead of just finish the project type sewing). And knitting. And... :)

  3. I like how you put (a whole pair) after the socks.

    My list? Add a 2nd floor to my house, take a family vacation and get whatever craftin' I can in the moments left.

  4. this sounds like a fun list!

    I definitely would like to make some stamps. I made potato stamps to print on fabric with last year, and it was a lot of fun.

  5. Ooops! This list seems way more realistic than mine! Mine really is too long.
    I love purpose lists...

  6. ambitious or no, i have total confidence in your ability to blow this list out of the water. maybe some of your stick-to-itiveness will rub off on me via internet osmosis. one can only hope. :)