09 February 2009

a winter walk

This weekend was so beautiful. It got to be about forty degrees here, which felt almost like summer. It really is amazing how much our bodies can adjust to different temperatures. On Saturday, I was wearing flip flops around the house, as opposed to my normal wool slippers. Jared was out in the garage working on the car, and more than once I went out to him with just my sandals on. The sun was shining, the snow was melting, and it felt great! I know winter isn't over, but I'm getting excited for spring, whenever that may come.

There are so many things I'm loving about having a dog, and one of the biggest is how much it's gotten me outside. We're lucky to have a big dog park not to far from us where we can let him off the leash and just walk in the woods. This is nice, especially for photo taking, since it can be hard to take photos while holding the leash. It's a really beautiful spot and I love that he's so good about coming back to us when we call him. I can't wait to go for longer hikes in the spring and summer. These photos are from two weekends ago, but we've been going to this park pretty much every weekend, I really love it.

I finally got some sewing time in this weekend too (I made myself put down the sweater so I could finish some important projects) and it feels good to have gotten a couple of projects done. I have a few things to share with you all (including my crafty goal list for 2009, which I've finally finished!), so hop
efully I can get to that this week.

A couple of links for today...
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:: Until Wednesday, Heather will be donat
ing 80% of the profits from her "Finding Winter" set to Salvation Army Bushfire Relief for victims of the fires in Australia. Hers is one of my favorite shops (I finally snagged this beautiful piece for myself back in December) and her generosity is inspiring.
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  1. Beautiful! And having dogs is the perfect excuse to get out in nature :)

  2. splendid! It is funny when it gets warm in the winter - it is 50 today here in New England. I went to the store in a t-shirt. Strange.

  3. if you had told me six months ago that i would be taking a pup for walks and to the park in the worst weather imaginable and running in the rain and snow and mud and LOVING IT, i never would have believed you. spending every day in the big wide world with them is a blessing. a crazy blessing. but a blessing nonetheless. :)