03 April 2009

five senses friday

taste:Link-ginger bread cake (recipe from Voluptuous Vegan...I'm too lazy to type it up right now, maybe I'll share it next time!)

-freshly baked bread as i use up the last of my bread dough before my trip (since i won't be able to eat it when i return...passover)

-more and more birds chirping
-the voice of an old friend i haven't spoken to in months

-cold air and sun all at the same time
-muscles that haven't been worked in a while, as bike riding season returns

-lots of piles and lists of clothes and other things for my trip to new york
-ducks, in the lake in the park, and the swamp by my house

Just a couple of quick notes...
::Thanks again to Abby for hosting this fun way to end my week! (Check out the comments on her post to see all the other people playing along)

::I'm headed to New York early tomorrow (7am flight, ugh!) to spend a few days with my family and friends and celebrate Passover. I'm not sure if I'll be posting at all, but if I'm not, you'll know it's because I'm having too much fun :)

::Lastly, thank you so much for all the nice comments about my bag. I had a couple of requests to make some for the shop. I do not have any plans for that right now, but I do accept custom orders so if you are interested in something, please send me an email: juliaedavidson[at]gmail[dot]com and hopefully we can work something out!


  1. Oh!
    What a lovely post. That cake sounds perfect :)
    Hope you have a lovely Seder with family and friends. What a special time-can't wait to hear about everything.
    Take Care!