22 April 2009

nyc:: the folk art museum

On my second day in New York, my parents and I took a little trip down to the Folk Art Museum near Lincoln Square. It's a tiny museum that I've been to many times before. When I was younger and needed a present for my mom for something, my first stop was always their gift shop. And now, she volunteers there (volunteers get a big discount, it's not hard to figure out why she picked up this gig) and she wanted to show me an exhibit they have on quilts inspired by Jazz and Blues music. The quilts were really impressive (no photography was allowed, you'll have to go see them for yourself!) and definitely inspired me in my goal to make a quilt this spring.

The gift shop is pretty great too. There's a lot of handmade items, many from recycled materials, and many items are made in other countries. I'll admit that since my mom started volunteering there, my collection of items from this shop has grown exponentially. The most recent addition being an amazing pair of hand crocheted earrings (I couldn't find them on the website) that were made in Nepal, I think.

I'll have a few more NYC photos to share tomorrow, before I leave for my next trip on Friday!

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  1. I so love the folk art museum. the collections are wonderful, but the building! so cool.
    have a great trip to CA!
    (aren't you the little traveler)