23 June 2009

garden update: June 22

Frankly, it's too hot to do anything productive right now. They're predicting that we might hit 100 degrees today, and I'm just not ready. I don't really feel like I have all that much to share here because for the past two days I've pretty much been a lump on the couch, which is conveniently located directly below our ceiling fan, doing nothing much besides consuming as many iced beverages as possible. I'm hoping I can muster the energy to make some more sorbet tonight because we're almost out of the rhubarb.

Meanwhile, the garden is progressing nicely, so I figured I could share that with you. Please ignore the insane amounts of weeds in these photos. When I walked over there this morning I was actually shocked to see them all since I feel like I just weeded. Oh well, maybe by 9pm tonight it'll be cool enough to head out there for a little bit.

I'm happy to report that so far we've harvested 13 strawberries. And we're just about to harvest our first couple of orange cherry tomatoes! Sadly, the spinach bolted before I could harvest any, but I think I'm going to pull that out and plant another tomato or two (I mean, who am I to refuse a free tomato plant?). So far, though, the spinach has been my only disappointment this season, which is way better than I fared last year. And I'm going to plant some more later in the summer for fall spinach. I know it's because it's already too hot for it- I thought I had planted it early enough (May 1) this year, but I guess I need to go even earlier to beat the heat. I'll try that next year. Luckily, I've been getting loads of delicious spinach at the farmers market, so that makes up for it!


  1. your garden looks great! it looks much further along than mine.

    at least the weeds are green, right? i've got a days worth of weeding to so this weekend...

  2. Your garden looks great--I've picked four strawberries, but soooo much lettuce. All the rain we've had has made for a plentiful lettuce harvest.

  3. Tomatoes! We have a way to go up here in northern Vermont.
    Looks great.

  4. Looking good! 2 squash plants are producing. I think all the peppers + eggplant got washed away during the 16 days of thunderstorms- nothing! Total disappointment, so it's carrots, tomatoes + squash.