25 July 2009


Hi everyone! Just wanted to pop in this morning and say that I hope you're all having a great start to your weekend. I know I am. Yesterday, we had staff appreciation at work, which involved all kinds of snacks and ice cream. What is it about food that just kind of makes a whole workday a wash? Who knows, but I left at 1:30 and went home to take a one and a half hour nap. It was great. I spent the rest of the evening working on the quilt (almost finished with the top!) and then Jared and I went out for a late dinner of black bean burgers.

This morning, I woke up early (must have been that nap!) and we had waffles and smoothies for breakfast. I watered my garden, and picked my first full-sized tomato of the year! Now we're off to the farmer's market and the thrift shop and then back home to continue our lazy day (and possibly some more apricot picking). Tomorrow, there's talk of sailing (we just discovered yesterday that our friends have a sailboat!). I hope you're all having just as great a weekend as we are.

Even though I'm having such a great weekend so far, I kind of wish I could be here too. If you're in Portland, get on over to Abby's house! And give her a big hug from me!


  1. My goodness, such a great start to the weekend! Hope it continues beautifully!


  2. what a great weekend! i didn't do anything exciting but did cross lots off my to-do list, which was very satisfying.

  3. i need to have more smoothies for breakfast.