13 August 2009

still growing

So after showing you what I've been harvesting, I thought I'd show you what's still growing on the vines and plants. Every year (for the three years I've been gardening, at least) it's around this time in the summer when I start feeling like the growing season is already over. But then I look back and remember that it really lasts into October (for some crops) and feel a sigh of relief that I still have quite some time left for gardening this year.

I want to show you how my medicinal plants are doing and talk a little bit more about my plans for those as well. Now I just need to get out there and photograph them!


  1. the eggplant is so pretty!
    but I guess I have that color one the brain lately:)
    can't wait to hear about the medicinals.

  2. It's hard to believe that after all the tomatoes I've picked there are still more. I do enjoy finding out what is ready to pick every day.

  3. Beautiful! I so miss my garden... Ever try lemon cucumbers or tall telephone pole peas? They were two favorites of mine. Happy gardening!

  4. Wow!!! These veggies looks so fresh and crunchy to eat. Yummy!!!