22 September 2009

{finally} fall

If you've hung around this blog for any length of time, you're probably well aware that today is a very important day for me. It's the first day of my very favorite season. Not that I haven't enjoyed my summer, immensely. But really, I do have a serious love affair with fall (and not just because it's my birthday season). I kicked off the season by wearing some brand new knee socks and my favorite boots, and a corduroy shirt. It was so perfectly fall and I feel full inside.

I'm not quite ready to share my fall manifesto, though I think it will largely consist of packing, moving, and subsequently unpacking into our new house. In fact, now that I've written that, it seems so fitting to me that this big adventure of moving into our own home be starting during fall. I know some might disagree, but I feel like fall is so full of possibility. And of course it's the time of year when we begin to turn inward, and homeward.

I'm also excited to announce that official mayor of fall, Shanna, and I (the official vice-mayor of fall) will be bringing you all a little treat next week. Just a little something to celebrate our love for the best season ever. Happy fall, friends.