08 January 2010

finding the time

happy friday peeps! hope you all enjoyed your first week of 2010.

i, for one, am feeling super energized and inspired so far this year, and only wish i could have some more time at home to do all the things i'm energized about, darn day job! one thing i definitely need to work on is being more efficient with my time while i'm at home so i can have time to work on the things i want to- and not always getting sucked into browsing flickr for hours. maybe i need to set some dedicated computer time, ad have it shut off other than that. do you all have this same problem?

in any case, i'm hoping to get some time this weekend to start up some new projects, and knock some old ones off the the list too. it's supposed to warm all the way up to twenty degrees on sunday, so i think we'll finally get freddie to the park too! oh yeah, and somewhere in there, i think i'll find some time for some gingerbread flax muffins. mmmmm.

hope you all have a lovely weekend.

{ps: thank you so much for all your sweet comments lately, both on my post about herbalism (so excited to see so many of you are into that too- i'll have to post more as i continue to experiment), and about embarking on the 52 weeks project. it means a lot to me. xo}


  1. i am so with you on that. i have so many ideas and am so excited to work on things at home, but i just don't have a lot of time. and flickr can be such a huge time suck (even though i love it so). maybe i need dedicated computer time, too.

  2. I too am very energized and loaded with ideas but my problem is also time management. My day job is Soren, of course, so I NEED to be connected sometimes but you are right...need to manage my time better. I think we all have the getting sucked into the computer problem sometimes. You are amazing and I am excited to see what everyone is up to this year...Happy New Year!!!

  3. I like your blog. When you want, watch mine :D http://bellezza-della-vita.blogspot.com/