11 February 2010

enjoying winter

It's right about now when winter can really start to drag on.  I wrote last week that I was really going to try not to let that happen this year.  So, inspired by Shari's list today, and MAV and Stephanie's post last week, I'm going to mention a few things that have been making me happy.  I've been having some pretty grumpy days lately, so hopefully listing out these little happymaking things will help me (and maybe you too!) keep these in the front of my mind...

:: lots of hot baths with rose and chamomile bubble bath

:: flannel sheets

:: washing the dishes to warm up (Shari mentioned this one too, and it made me smile that I wasn't the only one thinking this!)

:: getting back into yoga, and having a friend to go with me

:: that one pound block of beeswax I just picked up yesterday, and all my project ideas that go along with it

:: a new baby to snorgle with.  and his adorable, rowdy older brothers to wrestle with.

:: sunny blue skies, even when it's bitter cold

:: lots and lots of baking, and generally trying new recipes

:: knitting, knitting, and more knitting

:: slowly getting our house put together

What's been making you happy this winter?  I could sure use some more suggestions!


  1. Your blog is lovely! I found you through Shari and have been thinking about writing a post about winter treats. Your list sounds a lot like the one I have in my head :-) The yoga, the baking, the house organizing--yes.

  2. today i am stoked because i'm starting the weekend off with no dirty laundry. this will last approximately 10 minutes, but MAN, THEY ARE GOING TO BE A KICKASS 10 MINUTES.

  3. I just love that self portrait! I know everyone thinks I'm nuts but I'm not done with winter. I made a list at the beginning of the season of things I wanted to do this winter, that can only be done in winter, and I'm not done. I still need to go sledding, xc skiing and some other stuff.

  4. My favorite rooibos vanilla tea, hot showers, and LOTS of quilts piled on the bed -- that's what I'm loving about winter at the moment. Hopefully I will be adding "getting back to yoga" to my list fairly soon, too. :-)

  5. I am loving lots of chai tea, walks outside, crafting days with friends, and hot baths, too.