01 February 2010

hello sweet february

If you've been around this blog for a few years, you may recall that February is, in fact, not my favorite month. Often it's because I'm beginning to grow tired of the cold winter weather and am just longing for spring (which is of course still months away!). I usually try to be very intentional about combating these February blues by paying extra attention to little things that make me happy.

Well, on this first day of February, at just before 8:30am, there is already no shortage of things making me happy to start the month off. At the top of this happy list is yet another calendar from Shanna and me! Since we began this little project with our autumn calendar back in September, we have really enjoyed working on these and sharing them with you all (and we hope you've enjoyed them too!).

This month, as usual, we've paired some of my polaroid photos with Shanna's beautiful illustration and hand lettering. We're also offering two of the photos/illustrations individually if you're not in the mood for a calendar, but would like to brighten up your desktop anyways. Just download the photos and set them as your desktop (please, these are for personal use only!). Also, if you've missed out on any of our past collaborations, you can check them out on Shanna's archive page.

Finally, I've got one other itty bitty little gift for you all (see how good I am with the happymaking today?!). I've been doing a lot of walking this winter. On those bitter cold, the walks are pretty quiet, with hardly anyone else around. I've been filling my head with some lovely tunes on these walks, and I made this little mixtape of some of those tunes. Hope you like them!

Enjoy, friends! And happy February.


  1. thank you so much for the sweet gifts! happy february to you :) i cannot wait to hear the mixtape!

  2. that one with the lambs is killing me. so so good.

  3. I am loving your calendar project---Happy February!