22 February 2010



Today, this here blog is three years old.  I seriously can't believe that I've been in this space for so long.  I think I write this every year, but really, I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I started this thing.  I barely knew what a blog was.  I had no idea that there was such a strong crafty-blog community. I certainly had no idea what amazing friends I would make because of this space.  Or that my interest in photography would be sparked and take me in a whole new direction.  

I know it might sound silly, but I really think that my life is better because of this space and what it's brought me (um, that would be you all!).  I remember three years ago, sitting on our old dingy couch in the living room in our old apartment.  I was trying to promote my etsy shop (shop...what shop? oh right) and I sort of spontaneously decided I should have a blog.  I really didn't even know what that entailed and I did absolutely no research before just signing up.  Later, I was talking to my mom and I said, "so, yeah, I started a blog?".  I said this last year too, but I really love the fact that I began writing here so soon after moving to Minneapolis because it really gives me such a wonderful way to look back on my time here so far.  Like a scrapbook, but better.

So, in honor of this little anniversary, I'm going to do a little giveaway.  I haven't done one in a while, and frankly, I have no idea what I'll be giving away, so you'll just have to trust me that it's going to be good.  Leave a comment here the end of the weekend, and tell something little (or big!) that's making you happy these days.  And if you want to tell me your favorite thing about this blog, you can feel free to do that too.  I know why I hang on to this space, but it's always nice to hear why you all do too.  I'll pick a lucky winner on Monday!

But seriously, thank you all for being here, for reading my words and supporting my projects and commenting.  If it weren't for you, well, who knows where I'd be.


  1. Congratulations Julia!
    I love your blog, I love reading it, of course the pictures.. And the recipes, oh those yummy things! I always want to try something else from your "stash".
    But the thing that keeps me coming over and over, is your warmth and naturalness. You are so real and simple and truthful! At least it feels that way from here.
    I love reading your words because they are always like chatting with an old friend.

  2. Yes, Congratulations!

    Right now something that is making me really happy over here in Oregon is the overwhelming amount of daffodils, bright crocuses, and pink blossoms telling me that Spring is right around the corner. That, and curling up with a good book in the sunlight.

    I love your blog because I think you have a great view on life, and we share similar interests. The way you write is very candid and honest, and I feel like readers have a true sense of who you are from stopping by here.

    Can't wait to see what the next three years hold in store!

  3. This blog means so much to me because your words and art and creativity have inspired my own. Keep those beautiful posts coming!

  4. Aw. Something making me happy right now - it feels like spring is almost in the air, and I'm getting excited about learning how to garden, and getting more involved in my neighborhood. Not too exciting in blogworld, but exciting for me. :)

    I love your blog because it gives me little glimpses into my hometown - sometimes I miss the Twin Cities so much it hurts.

  5. Congrats on 3! A mystery giveaway - how exciting. Now let's see... I know. I've been enjoying the pinky orange sunsets on my way home lately. It's a wonderful thing to see in order to switch gears from work to home.

  6. I think we all started the same way (Blogger does make it super easy with a few steps + then OHMIGAWD you have a blog). Congratulations, it certainly is a lovely space.

  7. I love reading about photography and crafts from someone who is in the same season as I am! So many bloggers seem to be on the coast and don't experience the long winters like we do!

  8. What makes me happy is the small signs that are beginning to show that spring is around the corner. Like how there are the tiniest blades of grass that are greener than the others, showing where the snow has begun to melt away.

    I just recently started reading your blog. I can't even remember really how I stumbled up on it! I enjoy many of the same things that you write about here, such as sewing, baking, cooking, canning, gardening, and taking pictures. Congratulations on three years!

  9. Oh, congrats on your sweet blogiversary. I'm loving daily walks, sunny skies, and making peace with rough times. xo

  10. Right now I'm happy with the simpler things in life. I love checking in to see what your up to both with cooking and crafting. Such an inspiration. Congrats on three years.

  11. THREE YEARS!?!
    That is awesome!
    Congrats and thank you for always being genuine and honest with your posts. Your light shine through and we are lucky peeps to be enjoying it. Here's to thirty more years of friendship-cheers!

  12. right now, i'm happy about the almost weekend, about finally booking my flight up to glasgow,... about up coming vacations.

    julia, you were one of the first internet friends i made, and from the beginning i thought, wow, how lovely is this girl!? i can't wait to meet her in real life. soon, ok?

  13. 3 years is a milestone, congratulations. i am brand spankin' new to your blog, so instead of knowing what i like about it, i am excited to get to know what is to come of it. i am excited to get to know you and your photography. congrats!

  14. congrats! i really like your blog because each post is so personal. you are such a friendly and lovely person. i always like hearing what you have to say on anything.

    what i really like right now, is my borrowed canon 300d camera from school. we are no where near being able to afford one of my own so i always really appreciate when i can use one for a week or two in the holidays. i also like doctors. i went to see one today and he helped me with my sore eye that decided to swell up a lot this week. and my family are those who can always keep me happy :)