31 March 2010

New Orleans, part 4

Our last night, at the recommendation of a friend who lives in town, we headed over to the legendary Tipitina's, for a good old fashioned Cajun Fais Do Do.   This is an every Sunday night affair, and we were definitely the only non-locals there.  I think we were also the only folks under the age of 55!   Soon after we got there, a fine gentleman named Smitty took pity on us and gave us a little dance lesson in between the band's sets.  I'm not really sure if any of his instruction stuck with us, but we all had a pretty awesome time making fools of ourselves on the dance floor in front of all the experienced Fais Do Do-ers.  (Fais Do Do is pretty much like square dancing without the caller or the group dancing.  And it's cajun music instead of country).  

Stuff like this is exactly why I'm often resistant to traveling somewhere that I don't know anyone, especially if I'm not going to be there long enough to discover the local culture myself.  This was probably the most fun night we had, and we never would have known to check this out if it hadn't been for Anne. 

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  1. And stuff like this is why, so far, this is my favorite of your NOLA posts. I love that you danced. Plus, these shots are fantastic. Go juliaface! xox