23 March 2010

nola in pola

Last week, Jared and I (along with a whole bunch of good friends) took a little trip down to New Orleans.  I've never been there before, and wasn't really sure what to expect.  I didn't really know a whole lot about the city before Katrina, except the usual: mardi gras, good jazz, cajun food, etc.  I had a couple of friends who moved down there after Katrina to help with the recovery and I feel like I, along with most of the country, really saw the underbelly of that city once it was flooded out and its residents scattered across the U.S., so I was really curious to get a firsthand look at this place, almost five years later.  

We were only there for three days, so I know there was a ton that we missed.  I think if I ever were to go back (which I'd like to), I would definitely stay for at least a week.  And get a bicycle.  We stayed at a hostel in a pretty nice part of town, and got to experience a lot of the culture: good food, music, beautiful two-hundred year old houses.  And then, a friend of mine who lives there drove us around and showed us some of the city that is still living amongst empty lots and condemned homes.  It was a stark, stark contrast.  Anyways, I have more photos coming from the lab this week, so I'll be sharing those for the next few days.  Here are some of the polaroids I took.  

PS: Speaking of polaroids, have you seen the news?!  Thank you Impossible Project!!


  1. Oh, those old houses and trees in bloom are just amazing!

  2. hi julia.

    i've never been to new orleans either. really enjoyed seeing your polaroids.

  3. wonderful polas! i've spent 3 days in new orleans, too, and it's not enough time to see everything. hope you make it back there...

  4. So cool. I love that city, and would love to go back. And yes! Impossible Project!