26 May 2010

the garden plan for 2010

{Photos from my community garden. The top photos is my plot, all others belong to other gardeners}

I promised you all that I would share with you my garden layout for this year and here it is. The two beds on the left--the 3208 garden--represent the two raised beds at my house. The plot on the left--the Columbus garden--represents my plot at my community garden about 5 blocks away, where I've gardened for the last three years. Just to give you an idea of much space I have, my garden plots measure about 8'x4', 8'x3', and 12'x10', respectively (click on the photo for a larger view- it didn't scan at the actual size).

As of now, the only things that aren't yet planted are: carrots (which will be planted where the spinach is, once that bolts), chard, and eggplant. I had to move the eggplant from my home garden to the community plot since I ended up buying way more peppers than I planned for. I'm also deciding whether or not I want to plant anything in between the two beans at the Columbus garden or just leave that as a space for me to be in while I'm working in that plot. Maybe I'll stick in another kale?

Since I live a few blocks away from that garden, I intentionally planted low maintenance crops that don't need daily tending. I'm assuming that it won't be long until this plot is crazy covered with squash vines, and I need to decide soon if I'm going to try to trellis these plants to save some space, or just let them go wild. Any ideas on that? I do have trellises for my cucumbers at home, but I'm not sure about the rest of the squashes.

So there you have it. Most things have sprouted already and are starting to go nuts. I'm so excited! I'll have some progress photos to share with you in a few days. In the meantime, I'm actually thinking about buying some flowers to plant this weekend. I know, I never plant flowers, but I'm on a serious planting kick, I just can't stop!


  1. julia,
    it is so awesome to see your plans & plot! for our cucumbers, we made a trellis with bamboo sticks + string. you could also do this with your squash {although we are letting ours go wild because we have a bit more space in that part of the garden}. here's a photo of the trellis: http://www.flickr.com/photos/natalieknowshow/4584170416/

    happy gardening!

  2. We also made a trellis out of bamboo poles and string (for our beans, though): http://portlanddomesticity.blogspot.com/2010/05/soggy-pacific-northwest-garden.html

    Wonderful garden! It looks like you have a lot of space.

  3. Can't wait for a garden update. Keep those pics coming!

  4. Looks wonderful, Julia. Our garden is looking quite well and I'm a lazy weeder (alas, our garden is right in the backyard as opposed to blocks away, but sometimes I pretend it is)--it's going to take a lot of work to keep up this year, but I'm determined. A little every day.

    Thanks for the apple bread recipe! I'm so going to try it this week... yumyumyum. Knitting on Wednesday? I think I can finally make it!

  5. wow! looks like good plans and a good start! Can't wait to see how some of the new seeds work out.

  6. Well, at least with my container garden - it seems that the cucumbers are going totally crazy, and have already climbed up the bamboo "trellis" that I made and looking for more space, whereas the yellow squash is pretty contained and happy not climbing very high. So, I would say - look out for the cucumbers!

  7. this looks so great. makes me want to put in more beds. or turn our schoolyard into a community garden :)