05 August 2010

notes for friday

Hey everyone!
Just a couple of notes for this fine Friday...

::You might have noticed a few small changes around here.  I've been tweaking the layout a little bit here and there, just time for a change, you know?  The biggest addition is a few extra pages!  I've added a recipe index where you can find all the recipes I've ever posted on this blog!  This is something I've wanted to do for a long time and am really psyched about it!  It also made me realize how super duper heavy on the desserts and baked goods I am here, oops!  

I also added an about page.  I wasn't really sure what to write about myself there and thought of doing some FAQs, because I've clearly gotten a bunch of questions over the past four years, but honestly I can't remember them.  So if there's anything you ever wanted to ask me, go right ahead now and maybe I'll add to that page!

Oh yeah, and check out the new set of currently inspiring links (under "right here: right now" over there on the right).  I've finally updated it!

::Jared and I (and Freddie!) are getting ready to leave for a big road trip in a little over a week.  We'll be driving to upstate New York for a friend's wedding, via Canada!  And we'll be camping along the way. I'm so excited, we haven't taken a road trip since we moved here from California (you can read about that trip in my guest post on Abby's blog).  We started making a list of things to bring and that got me to thinking...any suggestions on good road food?  We'll have our usual trail mix, sesame sticks, rice cakes topped with PB, chocolate chips, and raisins, but I figured you all would have some suggestions too!  (Note: they need to be vegan of course).  

I'm also on the lookout for good books on tape for the road- suggestions are welcome.

Thanks friends!


  1. Hey Julia! Two audiobooks we really enjoyed on road trips were "Seabiscuit" by Laura Hillenbrand and "When You Are Engulfed in Flames" by David Sedaris.

    And "This American Life" podcasts are always great!

    Have fun!

  2. firstly, julia. i want to know. why are you so lovely?
    and as for audio books, yes to anything by david sedaris. he is so much better on audio. also tal podcasts, and i'm going to throw in some harry potter! because i tell you, it's a lovely listen.

  3. Harry Potter audio books are excellent. Those got us to and from Memphis more than once. I have to agree with Angela and Claire, can you ever go wrong with David Sedaris or This American Life?