11 August 2010

a perfect summer meal

It's been so freaking hot here, I can hardly stand to cook anything.  A few weeks ago, though, I finally got around to making the kale chips that so many folks have been talking about forever.  I used red kale and followed this recipe, recommended by Claire.  The only note I'd make about the recipe is that there's no need for the parchment paper- luckily I just threw it into my compost.  Sadly, neither Jared nor either of my officemates liked them.  Luckily I did...more for me!  I think I'll try them again with regular green or dinosaur kale, the red kale is much thinner and made for a super flaky chip.  They were the perfect addition to a simple meal of salad and roasted potatoes.  Top it off with a glass of herbal iced tea, and you've got yourself a delicious balanced meal.

What's your favorite summer meal?

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