22 December 2010

welcome winter

happy winter! of course, it's felt like winter for quite some time here, but i'm glad it's finally here.  i'm always sad to say goodbye to fall, my favorite season, but seeing as it's been quite wintery here since before thanksgiving, the official-ness of the passing of seasons is feeling good to me these days.  i had a little visit from the mayor of winter yesterday and we officially handed off the traditional snowball :).  i really like this little ritual we've created here.  

i've been busy busy busy over here with finishing up work last week, jared's family being in town, and getting ready for some holiday celebrations.  i've finished all my shopping and making (well, most of the making) for the year, and just about all of the cards are out in the mail.   that's a good feeling.  i can't wait to share with you all the goodies i've been making, and i have a few goodies for you all too!  

these are some more photos from the park by our house after last weekend's blizzard.  jared and i could barely walk, there was so much snow!  for now, i'm going to enjoy a quiet day at home, knitting some baby socks for a friend's soon-to-be new little one.  i hope you're all enjoying the beginning of winter. xo


  1. you know, i like winter more this year. and i love that you and martha hand off that snowball. it's pretty much perfect.
    have a lovely holiday, julia. i hope 2011 is your best year yet. xo.

  2. oh. snow.
    it is pouring rain here. it is going to rain on christmas.
    so seeing your photos is a delight.
    I have a few errands to run and groceries to buy and then we can settle in.

  3. Merry Christmas And Have A Wonderful and Healthy New Year!