07 January 2011

friday happymaking

good afternoon friends! i realized that this "friday happymaking" is becoming a bit of a series on the ole' blog here.  i think i like that.  it's always nice to take a few moments to reflect on the week that's ending and what lies ahead.  so, here are a few things that are making me happy this friday afternoon...

:: our bathroom renovation is underway! it's been a long time coming (well, since we moved into this house over a year ago) but pretty soon, we won't have to shower in the basement! i'm bursting with excitement. 
:: we have a super fun baby shower brunch to attend tomorrow morning and i'm really happy about the cute gifts we've got for this new little man.  (details next week, promise!)
:: big kitchen plans for the weekend.  i'm thinking one or two soups, bread, granola, and possibly a lasagna- we're way overdue for stocking our fridge and freezer! also..something with that bag of pears i picked up from the bargain shelf- any ideas?
:: fun crafty projects in the queue.  i'm dreaming of quilts, skirts, soft toys for a certain almost-one year old, socks, and a sweater for jared (he's finally agreed to let me make him one!).
:: some good work news..i've got an intern starting monday who will hopefully make my work life way easier over the next few months.
:: a certain new camera that's on it's way to me and the lovely lovely lady who sent it.  
:: the new album from the decemberists (listen here for now)

okay, that's a lot of happiness for one friday afternoon...what's happymaking for you all today?


  1. sounds like a great weekend to me!

  2. fun! enjoy the fantastic weekend!

  3. happy happy over here... a weekend in g'ville with e & the cats. abundant sunshine. sleeping in. dinner and a slideshow with friends tonight. and soup + bread on our horizon, too. and diving into my belated holiday gifts... two new jam cookbooks! blue chair + river cottage. i am bursting with ideas and excitement :)
    happy weekend j!

  4. I love this picture. It's so joyful.

    I'm happy today because the sun is shining, the sky is blue and I think we might get snowed in again this week.