25 April 2011



hello friends!

it's been a while, hasn't it?  i didn't mean to disappear for almost two weeks, but that's just life, then sometimes isn't it?  it is for me lately anyways.  spring is finally here (i'm ignoring the forecast of 2" of sleet for tomorrow!) and i'm feeling a weight lifting every day.  i do promise to be here more often!

today, i wanted to share a new project with you all.  it's called tend.  tend is a new collaborative blog initiated by amy johnson.  amy, shari, natalie, heather and myself will be posting weekly (i'm on wednesdays!) about our adventures in tending our gardens.  i'm so honored and excited about this project and about documenting this year's garden in a new way.  i think each year i say this, but i am more excited about my garden this year than ever before- from my seed starting adventures, to all the new things i'd like to try to grow, and new techniques i'm experimenting with...it's going to be a beautiful garden this year.  

i'm so grateful to amy, for coming up with this project, and to shari for inviting me to participate.  please join us over at tend!   

{ps: a new spring banner is up...only a month late!}


  1. i'm really excited to read about your garden adventures! i seem to have no time for my own, and i'm happy to live vicariously through you.

  2. wonderful news! can't wait to learn more from you guys. also, i was going to send you an email... i'm researching c
    home composters for my dad. do you have any knowledge?