13 January 2012

inspiring me lately


i just deleted a lovely list of inspiring things as i was just about to hit publish. let's see if i can re-create that shall we? (i suppose if that's the worst thing that happens to me on this friday the thirteenth, i can live with that).

::knitting! i've been knitting up a storm lately. these are a few projects i can't wait to get on my needles: trail jacket, larch cardigan, emilien (for jared), paulie, toe-up socks, and so are you.

::amy's new space, second and edgemont, is beautiful. and her husband just opened a gorgeous etsy shop. love.

::lisa congdon's 365 days of hand lettering. i love the "j". and she has totally inspired me to sign up for a calligraphy class, i'm so excited!

::rachel's post on digital photography. i'm working on it, i truly am.  (also loving her new space)

::russia by rail. david gilkey, an npr photographer documents the trans-siberian railway on impossible project film.

what's inspiring you these days? i'd love to hear. and i hope you've all survived this friday the thirteenth with minimal mishaps :).  happy weekend friends.


  1. thanks for the link to the russia by rail project.

  2. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
    just sent you an email!

  3. ooh, love your list. i have had larch on my needles since last february. hope to finish someday soon! :)