06 January 2012

what? you don't put up winter decorations after the new year?


here's the thing. we don't celebrate christmas in my home. for the past few years, and especially since we've moved into our own house, i've struggled with wanting to decorate the house for winter, without those decorations seeming "christmas-y".  whenever i settled on something that just seemed purely "winter-y", i wavered, thinking it really would be christmas-y.  and back and forth i've gone.  resulting in not decorating at all.

this year, eireann made the most beautiful and simple garlands for our last minute sale and i snagged one to bring home. [in fact, she said she salvaged most of the greenery from the dumpster at the farmer's market-i'll have to remember that for next year!) over the past few weeks, in the hustle and bustle of finishing up work and being out of town, it has lived on our coffee table and i finally got around to hanging it up [along with some twinkly lights] yesterday afternoon.  and i have to say that it is making me extraordinarily happy. even though it doesn't even feel like winter has arrived in minneapolis yet, i know it will. and on those snowy, blustery days when i'm curled up on the couch with a puppy and some knitting, i will smile looking up at this garland. 

happy weekending friends.

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  1. i love twinkly lights (and candles) and greenery all winter. it shouldn't be just an xmas thing!