01 May 2012

1 may

72nd street

flowers + brick

on 79th street
i ran out of my canned air, so the dust on these is out of control!

a few snaps from my trip to new york at the beginning of april. there was a tulip explosion while i was in new york, and it was pretty amazing. it felt like every building had a massive amount of tulips planted in front and every tree in the entire city was blooming. springtime in new york is really quite something. i'll have more later this week, but wanted to share these few in the meantime while i get the rest scanned.

a couple of things...
:: i'm posting over at habit again for the month of may. i know i've mentioned before how much i love this little ritual and i'm grateful to emily and molly for inviting me once again.

:: did you know that tend is full on up and running again for the season? i griped about weeding yesterday, in case you're interested.

:: we're hosting our annual (fifth annual!) may day brunch this sunday. i'm working on a menu, but would love any suggestions of your favorite brunch dishes (vegan or easily adaptable is awesome!).

:: we're making some big travel plans for this summer. have any of you been to stockholm or london recently? i'd love some tips!

:: there are still some potholders (and snap pouches and lip balms and other goodies) up in the shop. and i'll be adding some exciting new products by the end of the week. (think mother's day!) i'll be sure to keep you all posted. a reminder that i believe this will be my very last etsy shop update before making some big changes. and thanks for all the shop love so far this year. it really keeps me going!

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