31 August 2012

31 august


we have come to the end of august. the end of the summer...sort of. this summer has been great, but so very busy. i feel i've barely been able to catch my breath. the past three months have been full speed ahead punctuated by moments of calm and quiet. our trip was wonderful, but i felt as though much of the season had passed me by when we returned. a quick trip to california, soon to be followed by two more in the next two months (i continue to have weddings to thank for the vast majority of my travel). one fun camping weekend and another next weekend. trying to keep up with the mountain of vegetables in our kitchen. desperately wanting a day off to sew. finally some good news at work (though not The Good News that we're truly waiting for, for those wondering), enabling me to breathe just a little bit longer. dreaming of fall and slow and quiet and some projects i'd really need to make the time for. dreaming indeed.

happy weekending, friends.

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