16 October 2012


tova number 2

tova number 2

tova number 2

i recently came across the seam allowance project (through this post on the alabama chanin blog) and my inspiration went through the roof. if you haven't heard about this project, it was started by kristine of a verb for keeping warm and the goal is to be more conscious of our clothing choices and ultimately to construct a wardrobe that is 25% handmade by you. i know, this seems like a big task, but at the same time it seems kind of manageable. i've been making clothing for myself for about five years now and i can say there is nothing more satisfying than wearing something that you love, that fits you perfectly, that is your style, and that you made yourself.

because i don't live in the bay area, i'm not going to officially join the project. but i am going to participate as best i can. my goals here are two-fold. the first, is to make more of my own clothing. even in the past five years of making clothing, i already have a number of pieces that no longer fit, or aren't my style anymore. so those need to be replaced. i am working on picking out a few patterns that i have that will help me with this goal. i will try to use my existing (and sizeable) fabric stash as much as possible to achieve this, but in terms of making garments, i have realized that i don't have that many large pieces of fabric in my stash. so purchasing may be required.

the second part of this goal is pare down my existing wardrobe. i don't consider myself to have a particularly large quantity of clothing, by any means (i know my mom would agree!) but i definitely do have more than i need. and by that i mean, i have more than i wear and love. i've written about this before, but i'm definitely not the kind of person who makes mindless cheap clothing purchases. i'm cheap, i don't like shopping, and i have a conscious that can be paralyzing at times.  most of my clothing is thrifted, handmade (by me or someone else), or i've had it forever. obviously, having a smaller wardrobe will automatically increase the percentage that is handmade by me, so that will help me achieve this goal. but it will also ensure that my closet is filled with quality pieces that fit me well and that i love wearing.

so. off i go on this journey. i'll  try to post updates when i can about the closet clean out, because you know i'll be posting about all the new clothing i'll be making. 

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to kick off this little project, here is my second tova top. i think i love it even more than i love the first one, though it's a close call. they have both been in heavy rotation. the fabric is from my stash- i purchased it either at joann's or mill end a few years ago (can not remember for the life of me!). it's a brushed cotton that is so soft and i love the color and purple stripes. i've been saving it for the perfect project and this was definitely it.


  1. it's beautiful on you! i love that fabric; the color is lovely and so flattering. and i'm very inspired by these ideas on simplifying the wardrobe and making more... this is something i struggle with. as the season changes, this feels like a good time to revisit the closet clear out.

  2. i love your tova top! can't wait to see what else you make. :)

  3. this is so inpsiring & i am so impressed! i am cleaning out my closet tonight, transitioning from summer to the cooler months, and i have "simplify!" in mind.

  4. This top looks beautiful on you - it fits you well. Did you make any modifications to the pattern?

    I have been meaning to try to teach myself how to sew - I haven't really done anything with a sewing machine since home-ec in high school. I would love to work up to a project like this.

    1. thanks jenna! i did not make any modifications to the pattern on either version. i had anticipated maybe needing to change something to improve the fit, but it wasn't necessary at all! you should absolutely get back into sewing. this pattern definitely requires some garment sewing skills/knowledge, but start with something easy- napkins, potholders, a basic drawstring skirt. good luck!

  5. Hmm, interesting ideas. I'm always wary, though, of the temptation to think that it's OK to have lots of stuff as long as it's stuff you made yourself! But because it takes so much longer, and so much more commitment, to sew something than to just buy something, making your own clothing at least slows down the pace of acquisition, I suppose. Nice Tova!