15 April 2013

at the beach

east hampton013

east hampton012





before i say anything else, i want to thank you all for your super sweet comments on my last post. one of the joys of sharing this news really has been the enthusiasm of everyone around us. that has definitely lifted us up (even though we are already pretty enthusiastic ourselves!). i'll be sure to share more bits and pieces of this journey here with you all over the coming months. xoxo

a couple of weeks ago, we returned from a long visit to new york. for the first time in years (or ever, for jared) we made time to spend the weekend at my parent's house in long island. it was nice to have a quiet weekend away after a busy week of preparing for and hosting a seder and running around the city seeing friends and family. my family has had this house for almost my entire life and i have so many memories of time spent there. from waking up early in the summers, eating cheerios as we drove my dad into town to catch the train back to the city on a monday morning while we stayed out there for weeks at a time. to bringing friends out to spend a weekend in middle school. and heading out there for a few early summer days with my crew right after my high school prom.

the weather was nice, but still a bit chilly. we cooked dinner, slept in, went out for a delicious japanese dinner, watched movies, knitted, walked on the beach, and just chilled out.

i didn't take many photos on our trip, but i was glad that i had decided to pack my polaroid spectra at the last minute so i could catch these beach photos.


  1. Was your house damaged at all in Sandy? I hope all is well with you!

    1. hi jess- luckily the house was spared of any damage during the storm. thanks for asking!