13 January 2014

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here we are, a couple of weeks into 2014. as i've mentioned just a few times over the past year, i continue to be amazed (overwhelmed? frightened? delighted?) by the way that days just fly by now. so much has happened in the last year. from my pregnancy to ethan's birth to his nonstop growth, i haven't wanted to miss a moment.

i also want to get back to my love of photography. since ethan was born, probably 95% of the photos i've taken have been of him. and mostly digital. i have had a roll of film in my 35mm for months and i can't remember the last time i even picked up the yashica, my love. the polaroid has fared a little better, but i need to capture this baby on some peel apart film. if only he'd stay still for a moment...

so. with all that in mind, and the encouragement of some old & dear flickr friends, i have decided to document this year on an almost daily basis. a photo, maybe accompanied by a brief description of the day. or a word. or maybe no words at all. i am calling the project day to day. i don't expect to take and/or post a photo every day of the year, but i will try to do so as much as possible. you can keep up with the project over on flickr and i'm sure i'll periodically post some favorites here on the blog.

as usual, i have a backlog of posts half-composed in my head that i'm itching to share. all those trips, all that knitting...it'll come soon enough.

happy new year, friends. i hope it brings good things your way.

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