02 February 2014

on being intentional, and other ramblings





7 january

first of all, i'd like to thank all of you, from the bottom of my heart, who took the time to read our birth story and send kind words our way. i was nervous about sharing such a personal and intimate story so publicly, but i found so much strength and inspiration in reading the birth stories of other families, that i felt compelled to share ours. i'm grateful for the support i've received from you all.

in the meantime...here's what's been happening in our little corner of the world.
as i'm sure you've heard, it has been incredibly freezing here in the north tundra. seriously, schools have been closed five times so far this year just for temperatures! and us hardy minnesotans don't take that lightly, so you know it's bad. i had many visions of getting outside everyday in the winter with ethan, snuggled in the ergo (which we have mostly transitioned to from the moby wrap-though not entirely) in his down patagonia snowsuit. but seriously, windchills in the negative thirties are just too damn cold for that. baby or not. so, we've been snuggling up indoors a lot. i've been knitting more (spreading the love to all the many many new babies in my life these days), trying to cook dinner on the regular, hanging out on the living room floor with a baby that desperately wants to crawl, reading up on ways to feed ethan solid food, and actually finally starting his quilt (with plans for a quilt for my brother and his new wife soon to follow).

i am quite happy with how i have managed my photo project for the year so far. i have missed a few days here and there, and most days (especially when i go to work) i don't snap a photo until late in the evening, but i am happy that i'm recording my days in this way and do hope that i keep it up for the year, at least. (again, you can follow along here if you like). these photos, in fact, were taken about three weeks ago and it is seriously insane how much i can see that his face has changed in that time (he was also getting over a weird virus rash thing then, so i'm sure that's part of it too). just makes me even more grateful that i'm recording our days this way.

ethan is finally starting to (some days, kind of) go down to sleep around 7pm-ish and stay there for a few hours. so i am savoring that time as we can eat dinner together, and then have longer chunks of time to actually accomplish things. i try to stay off my phone/ipad during that time and do something that i just can't do while ethan is awake. like cutting fabric, or doing something in the kitchen like making diaper wash or deodorant or crackers.

i have never been one to choose a word for the new year. sometimes i make loose resolutions or goals for the year, but not this year. i did think of a word, without intending to, that i'd like to guide me for the year. intentional. mostly i mean for this guide how i spend my time. i want to be intentional with my free time, since i have so little of it now and i want to use it wisely to do things that are fulfilling and meaningful so that i feel happy with what i am able to accomplish. i want to be intentional in how i spend my time with ethan. especially as he grows older, i want to be a good role model for him. i want to be intentional with my relationships with others, friends and family members. more than ever before, as a new parent i have experienced how meaningful it can be to have strong and supportive friends and family in your life and i'd like to be that for others. sending handwritten letters and thoughtful packages is something that i always love doing (what more could brighten someone's day than a beautiful, unexpected package from a friend arriving in the mailbox?) and i want to do more of it this year.

here is another one of the sweaters i knit for ethan before he was born. it's an old lion brand pattern that i made for my cousin's baby years ago. i really like the kimono style, but the way this one ties is a little annoying. i think i'd find a different kimono pattern in the future. i used a super soft cotton/tencel yarn that i had in my stash (on ravelry, here). oh, and the booties. when i first made them at the beginning of winter, i thought they were adorable, but i wasn't sure how practical they would be. well, he's worn them almost every day of this frigid season, and i've now made two other pairs for more of the new babes in my life this year (on ravelry, here). like i've said, this baby is definitely not wanting for handknit sweaters, or anything else. i already have two more that i've finished for him, not to mention my mom and others who are keeping him well stocked for this insane winter and many more to come, i'm sure.

so that's the news from here. cold days, a little bit better sleep and more free time, and more intention in my days. how about you all? what's happening out there?



  1. I thought about knitting that kimono for Maya a while ago but it never happened. Ethan is looking so handsome! Stay warm, friend. It's nuts out there.

  2. All that knitty goodness Ethan is wearing is awesome! Stay warm and snuggly up there. Geez!!